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4 Color Process Printing Here at PRINTEX, we've adapted a digital workflow to optimize our production time and streamline our printing operations. With our high-double-presses full color printing equipment and machines, we provide faster turnaround of results enabling you to get your marketing media on time and on target.

Printing art graphic designs with high resolution colors becomes simple by making use of innovative 4 color process printing services backed by the industry’s modern 4 color printing presses. Fast and easy 4 color process can now be obtained with the means of high double printing presses and technologically advanced computer machines and facilities at very affordable rates and prices. This practical edge on 4 color process printing is backed by skilled press men who have quality years of experience on utilizing the 4 color technology in the printing industry.

Four color process printing is offered at PRINTEX for commercial printing needs. PRINTEX is a full color printing company focused on providing high quality prints. Our print shops have been setting the standard for color printing using 4 color process for over 25 years. With our customer representatives who know commercial printing, you can be sure that your problems would be given solutions. When it comes to printing different file formats we lead the commercial printing industry with our 4 color process printing.

Our full color printing services are second to none in the 4 color process industry. As a printing company, we have gained the respect and trust of customers because of our assured quality print outputs. This is relatively moving for our commitment to be the best in the printing industry. For you customers this would mean better products and better services. As a starter you can expect brilliant, more saturated colors for your four color process full color printouts.


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