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Digital Printing (Short Run) Digital printing solutions here at PRINTEX include data printing and short-run color printing which offers many advantages. These benefits includes accuracy, easy distribution and printing, increase in flexibity, and a lot more because we create professionally digital printed outputs for you.


Impress your clients with digital color printing. Our service is a revolution in effective communication, with different printing solutions such as variable data printing and short run color printing that offers many advantages. These advantages include accuracy, easy distribution, increase in flexibility, and a lot more. Whether you are shopping for business cards, postcards, brochures, flyers, folders, posters, cd inlays, dvd covers, stickers, door hangers, multi page/single page booklets, printed on glossy, matte/ satin, backlit, cloth, scrim vinyl, artist canvas, we have prices right here online. If you can’t find your specifications in the list you can proceed to our custom printing quotes for your special needs.

We make use of short run digital printing system along with variable data printing and custom printing facilities for better-quality output. Graphic details are given great attention by technologically advanced equipments nowadays. Meaning professional computer graphic print file is given the appropriate color and image with reference to the original file. Hence digital printing is a good choice for those who need high quality printing solutions at direct cost effective rates.

Our full color printing services are second to none in digital printing industry. Our customers give us the respect and trust as a printing company because we have a reputation for producing high quality color product. This is in part to making a commitment in full color digital printing. Simply put, you get better product. Brilliant, more saturated colors are just the beginning of what you can expect with our full color digital printing.



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