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Oversized (Poster Printing) At PRINTEX, our we Print high quality output Posters with bright colors. We use only highly technological equipment to produce exceptionally desired prints such as trade show displays and movie posters. We handle large Oversized graphics.

Large format poster printing is available here at PRINTEX for your media products. We specialize in high quality printing jobs. Our print shop has been setting the standard for color printing quality and printing services for over 10 years. Our sales representatives are familiar with commercial printing and understand your large format printing needs. We lead the commercial printing industry in color printing especially when it comes to printing different file formats.

Our posters are available in different sizes for your large format printing needs. In addition, we offer full color posters and banners printed at different media prints such as glossy, matte, satin, cloth, scrim vinyl, and artist canvas. Our service has the capability of printing high-resolution poster designs for any poster type. It even has lots of practical large format poster printing options concerning poster processing, and custom photo enlargement, which makes color poster printing of unique trade shows that easy.

The digital large format prints can be enhanced further to know what exactly fits your large format poster printing specifications. Our large format poster printing services are second to none in the printing industry. We have gained a reputation for producing good quality prints. This is in part with making a commitment to the printing industry. Simply said, large format printing is a better option for your promotional needs. And we give you only the best. Brighter, more saturated colors are just the beginning of what you can expect with our full color printing.


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