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PRINTEX is a Printing company that was established in 1987 in Los Angeles. We offer advance printing services particularly designed for the high quality management of every printing job. A variety of great printing solutions are catered to suit the specifications of clients regarding the fulfillment of significant projects, whether it is for digital printing, 4 color process printing, or large format poster printing. We work to meet your requirements. With this, the chief aim of bringing high quality printing services at competitive prices is what we take into account along the production of your needed print jobs.

With regard to superior printing capabilities in the area of 4 color process printing, large format poster printing, and digital printing, we make use of up to date software systems along with variable data printing and custom printing facilities for better-quality output. Wide-ranging professional printing services plus an extensive array of data management format are accommodated to effectively furnish great attention to details on your prints.

The exceptional services by PRINTEX are tailored to serve as your complete backup on printing well-defined prints for promotional purposes or even in building a corporate identity suitable to your business. We put into effect a remarkable fusion of comprehensive customer assistance and modern technologies and equipment to add to the development of creative quality products compliant with your needs.

PRINTEX helps you come up with good impression in your significant print projects. We have dynamic and experienced staff to work for your needs and help you make an impact to your well-targeted prospects. Through our creative print specialists, you can get a hold of well-designed and compelling prints exactly as you have envisioned it to be. All in all, PRINTEX offers high quality and affordable printing solutions optimally designed to correspond to your print essentials, and significantly for your satisfaction.



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Printing Services:
Graphic Design
Digital Printing
Offset printing
Web design
Logo design
book and booklet printing
business card printing
brochure printing
catalog printing
envelope printing
flyer printing
postcard printing
promotional products
sign printing
sticker printing


  • © 2010 Printex Inc. – Corporate offices located in Los Angeles, California and provides Los Angeles Printing Services, including: Conventions, Trade Shows and other local Cities / Counties: Los Angeles, Oceanside, Orange County, Rancho Santa Fe, San Marcos, Temecula (Riverside County), San Clemente, Printing Services include: Digital printing and offset printing, graphic design, web design, logo design, marketing, book printing and booklet printing, business card printing, brochure printing, catalog printing, envelope printing, flyer printing, framing, laminating, postcard printing, promotional product printing, sign printing, sticker printing, eco-friendly printing, green printing.